Simple Sentences Example and Definition, Simple Sentences Types

Simple Sentences Example and Definition, Simple Sentences Types

Simple Sentences

A simple sentence is a single clause with a subject and a predicate, or sentences containing an independent clause. The basic construction of a simple sentence consists of subject, verb, and object. The fact that a simple predicate consists only of a verb or a verb phrase shows that simple sentences will consist of a subject and a verb.

Examples on this subject, along with the basic installation method, are given below:


  • Henry had lunch.

Subject + Verb

  • Henry ate.

As seen in the examples, these sentences are simple. But the object added to the content of any instance can change the state. For this reason, it can be seen that simple sentences contain different elements. Modifiers in simple sentences have used compound verbs. These are waiting for you in the rest of the article.

Compound Verbs/Predicates in Simple Sentences

The combination of the use of compound verbs and compound predicates in sentences that share the same subject is provided with conjunction. It is used for subjects that perform more than one full predicate. Examples on the subject are below:

Compound Verbs/Simple Predicates

  • Henry gathered wood and burned it.
  • Henry tidied up and cleaned the house.

Compound Predicates

  • Henry cooked lunch and washed the dishes.
  • Henry went to the movies and cleaned the floors.

As seen in these examples, they are all independent. Having more than one verb in these sentences does not prevent the sentence from being simple. All sentences are simple sentences.

Tips on Simple Sentences

There are important points that you should pay attention to in simple sentence setups. That’s why we have shared important tips with you below. By examining them, you can make a correct simple sentence setup.

  • Tip 1: While it is expected that simple sentences contain subject, verb, and object, you should not think that the subject will always come first in the sentence. Different elements can be placed at the beginning of the sentence. In particular, you should not forget that the predicate can take place at the beginning of the sentence. Therefore, the basis of simple sentence construction may change.
  • Tip2: If you use too many basic simple sentences in your articles, you should avoid using these sentences. The reason for this is that filling sentences with 3 or 4 words while writing will not provide a pleasant image. Therefore, you should not create unrelated meanings with simple sentences that are close to each other. If you want to create complex texts, it is recommended to add to the arrangements of simple sentences.

Other Simple Sentences Examples;

I lost my wallet last week.
Today we will come.
I will help you.
No one attended the parent meeting.
I dont’t take the trash out.
Some people won’t eat spicy foods.
I bought a new house.
This is mine dog.
Mary hasn’t cooked some cookies.
I play volleyball.
You are lazy students.