Exclamatory Sentences Example and Definition, What is Exclamatory Sentence?

Exclamatory Sentences Example and Definition, What is Exclamatory Sentence?

Exclamatory Sentences

An exclamation sentence is used to convey strong feelings. There is an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence. It is known that an exclamatory sentence is stronger than a declarative sentence. Exclamation sentences are used to explain. It is also involved in the realization of excitement and emotion. Exclamation sentences are generally preferred in advertisements and informal correspondence.

Usage Examples of Exclamation Sentences

Exclamation sentences are used a lot in English. For this reason, there are many examples on the subject. If you want to construct sentences most correctly in your daily life, you can start using the examples following grammar by examining them.

  • You had to get home early yesterday! (An expression that indicates anger.)
  • We won this game! (It is a sign expressing happiness.)
  • You’re so cute! (Denotes love for someone.)
  • I’m going to miss my home so much because I’m gone! (It is an expression of sadness.)

Examine Examples of Interjective Sentences Beginning with “What” and “How”

“What” and “How” are among the most preferred items to create exclamation sentences. It is possible to encounter many examples on this subject. You can view the examples below.

  • What a goal he scored!
  • It is really difficult to meet someone as beautiful as her. What a wonderful person in our opinion!
  • What big ears you have!
  • How bright it looked in the sunlight!
  • How well he drives!
  • How slow they were walking!
  • How fast he was reading!

Avoid Using Exclamations in Academic Writings

You should not use exclamation points in academic writings or reports. Also, you should not quote exclamation points in these articles. Do not forget that academic articles contain declarative sentences and interrogative sentences. If you include exclamation sentences in the content, there will be an incompatibility in terms of meaning. You will convey clear and simple information in declarative sentences. Therefore, there will be a period at the end of these sentences. There will also be question marks in interrogative sentences. However, since exclamation sentences indicate high emotion and excitement, these sentences have no place in official writings. Pay attention to this and be careful to form sentences.

  • Do not forget that you should take care to establish the exclamation sentences with the most correct grammar. In this way, you will see that the sentences will be formed meaningfully and correctly. Remember to take a look at the examples so that this sentence, which you will use a lot in English, is understandable.

Other Exclamatory Sentences Examples

Wait, that bridge is rotten!
Stay there, don’t come here!
What a cute child!
Let the stone fall on me!
I’m so mad at her!
Please, help me now!
Off, what does this kid eat and drink there?
Your kitten is such a sweetie!
Egh, this cake is so ugly!
Wow, he doesn’t know much!
I saw my favorite movie!
I hate you!
We won!
This is such an amazing meal!
What a good dog!
Here he comes!
What beautiful roses!