Ever in a sentence, Sentences with Ever

Ever in a sentence, Sentences with Ever

1.Have you ever been to the zoo?

2.Have you ever sung in Spanish?

3.Have you ever been to America?

4.I wonder if George ever cries.

5.Have you ever eaten an insect?

6.It isn’t ever delicate to live.

7.No man was ever wise by chance.

8.It isn’t ever delicate to live.

9.Frank hardly ever eats oranges.

10.Have you ever sung in Japanese?

11.Have you ever stayed in a hotel?

12.You hardly ever remember dreams.

13.Have you ever played basketball?

14.Do you ever take sleeping pills?

15.Don’t you two ever stop arguing?

16.Have you ever had food poisoning?

17.Have you ever seen an owl before?