Brave in a sentence, Sentences with Brave

Brave in a sentence, Sentences with Brave

1.My sister was a child, but she was brave.

2.The fireman put out the fire fairly bravely.

3.That man appears brave, but it’s just an act.

4.It is believed that Frank was a brave soldier.

5.Ancient people liked to tell stories of bravery.

6.A brave man acknowledges the strength of others.

7.That man is a practical, rational and brave man.

8.It must require bravery to be honest all the time.

9.I have never seen anyone as brave as her in my life.

10.I admire firemen because they are very brave people.

11.Don’t be a coward, if you do it bravely, you’il succeed.

12.Samuel wants to show his parents that he is a brave boy.

13.Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.