25 Noun Sentences Examples

25 Noun Sentences Examples

Nouns are used in place of people, places, animals, and emotions. Noun phrases appear by using nouns in sentences. Noun phrases are frequently used in English. Therefore, if you want to construct sentences correctly in your daily life, you need to pay attention to grammar.

1.I will get myself a coffee.

2.She knows she has to study for exams.

3.She wasn’t eating white rice.

4.My father will come with us today.

5.She does not loves to play piano.

6.There was no peach orchard on site of this building.

7.The dog cannot walk itself.

8.My brother didn’t come home.

9.It wasn’t me knocking on your door.

10.There are neither cars nor people on the street.

11.My father fixed the car himself.

12.I do not drink white wine.

13.My father did not even bother to answer me.

14.You are not an engineer.

15.I have got a sister.

16.Everything was ready for the party.

17.I don’t love dogs.

18.We borrowed her car.

19.We will go to the party.

20.Some people won’t eat spicy foods.

21.Everything is ready for the birthday party.

22.This is mine dog.

23.Alex isn’t telling the truth.

24.They are not from Spain.

25.I bought a new computer.