25 Examples of Positive Sentences Examples

25 Examples of Positive Sentences Examples

1.I want to see you and I will.

2.I’m going fishing tomorrow morning.

3.This is mine dog.

4.I’ve got everything under control.

5.She took her wallet with her and went out.

6.I will help you.

7.I hear nothing.

8.The bag on the table is his.

9.I would like to help you.

10.She got a good grade in the Spanish exam.

11.You will come with me.

12.They killed him.

13.These are for you.

14.He would do anything.

15.I really need someone.

16.Your car is more expensive than ours.

17.She cook for you.

18.I lost my wallet last week.

19.The dogs belong to them.

20.Everyone loves her.

21.You need to go take yours.

22.He will take it himself.

23.You are an engineer.

24.She will take what is hers.

25.My father fixed the car himself.