20 Examples of Simple Sentences in English

20 Examples of Simple Sentences in English

1.Mary hasn’t cooked some cookies.

2.I play volleyball.

3.You are lazy students.

4.My father will not come with us today.

5.They live near here.

6.My father didn’t go to work in the morning.

7.It wasn’t me knocking on your door.

8.They sleep in the afternoon.

9.We don’t work very hard.

10.You are an engineer.

11.This was not a threat to us.

12.I came to see you yesterday.

13.You should take care of yourself.

14.It bites everyone.

15.I don’t play tennis every day.

16.I love dogs.

17.She is not my best friend.

18.I bought a new computer.

19.Someone knows where he is.

20.Everybody loves Mary.