15 Declarative Sentences Examples

15 Declarative Sentences Examples

Declarative sentences are generally used to explain or indicate a situation. These sentences have an important place in English. You must use this type of sentence, which you will use frequently in your daily life, in the best way. You should use it grammatically to explain and give information about a situation. In this way, when you communicate, you will be able to convey your thoughts most accurately. You should not forget that the declarative sentences that you may encounter with a simple sentence structure sometimes end with a dot. In addition, this sentence type includes subject and predicate.

1.He had to catch the next flight; He quickly gathered his bag.

2.It had snowed for days; The city was covered in snow.

3.Black nail polish is on.

4.The room smells bad.

5.I love my dog.

6.He is my new classmate.

7.His shoes were brand new and are now missing.

8.The dog chased the cat.

9.Mary is sick; That’s why he’s not at school today.

10.He likes trips; hates long travel.

11.My new dress is beautiful.

12.My brother likes to run but my sister prefers to stay at home.

13.I do not have a phone.

14.Apart from Spanish, she also teaches math.

15.She kissed her boyfriend again.