60 Examples of Pronouns in a Sentence

60 Examples of Pronouns in a Sentence

1.I take the trash out.

2.You will come with me.

3.He studies every night.

4.I learnt English by myself.

5.You should go take it from him.

6.Why don’t you leave her alone?

7.I will take it from you.

8.This was a threat to us.

9.Are you going to invite them?

10.He is my best friend.

11.This is mine.

12.You need to go take yours.

13.The bag on the table is his.

14.She will take what is hers.

15.I love dogs.

16.They killed him.

17.It bites everyone.

18.We will go to the party.

19.You were the boss.

20.They will come after you.

21.Why didn’t you tell me?

22.I love you.

23.I lost my watch yesterday.

24.He likes to paint by himself.

25.I play volleyball.

26.You are an engineer.

27.We borrowed her car.

28.I will get myself a coffee.

29.He will take it himself.

30.The dog cannot walk itself.

31.We should not ruin ourselves.

32.I really need someone.

33.Can anybody hear me?

34.She can’t cook for you.

35.He learned to read by himself.

36.No one will come after me.

37.Everyone loves her.

38.I want to do something.

39.I lost my wallet last week.

40.He would do anything.

41.I hear nothing.

42.You can buy everything.

43.Do you need this?

44.They live near here.

45.Are you going to buy that?

46.These are for you.

47.She is a mechanical engineer.

48.I would like to help you.

49.What are those?

50.She learned to read by herself.

51.The dogs don’t belong to them.

52.You are lazy students.

53.Do you live with them?

54.I have got a sister.

55.You are very kind.

56.I can run faster than him.

57.This is mine dog.

58.We go to the gym club together.

59.They speak English in USA.

60.He loves to play basketball.