What is the Dependent Preposition? Definition and Dependent Prepositions Example Sentences

What is the Dependent Preposition? Definition and Dependent Prepositions Example Sentences

Dependent Prepositions

Prepositions that are dependent on or must follow a certain verb, noun, or adjective are known as dependent prepositions.

To put it another way, you use a certain preposition after certain verbs, nouns, or adjectives (some use various prepositions for distinct meanings, but we’ll get to that later…). There’s no purpose in asking why in these instances. Sometimes the word combinations make sense, but most of the time they don’t.


List of Most Popular Dependent Prepositions to Know

  • (According to) According to these pieces of information, you’ve been married for over 10 years.
  • (Afraid of) The boy is afraid of spiders and snakes.
  • (Aware of) I’m aware of her mistakes and will address them tonight.
  • (Crazy about) I am crazy about Marvel Cinematic Universe and its comics.
  • (Different from) My little brother was always different from all his other friends.
  • (Excited about) Are you excited about your birthday party for tomorrow?
  • (Famous for) The restaurant is famous for its old traditioned cooked dishes.
  • (Friendly with/to/toward) Our family is always friendly with lovely neighbors.
  • (Guilty of) He was found guilty of cheating during the exam.


  • (Interested in) Are you interested in anything else like American flag football?
  • (Jealous of) He is very jealous of his mother while she hugs his old sister.
  • (Keen on) My cousin and my brother are always keen on new and technological things like PlayStation.
  • (Popular with) The radio show was popular with the world in the 1990s.
  • (Proud of) Their coaches were very proud of them that became the first place in the league.
  • (Responsible for) As a police officer, he’s responsible for the safety of the public.
  • (Satisfied with) Their teacher was not satisfied with the results of this test results.


  • (Serious about) My grandmother is very serious about her diet program.
  • (Sick of) I’m so sick of cleaning the bathroom every day!
  • (Tired of) She was tired of all the arguing in the dorm with her loud roommates.
  • (Used to) I’m used to living alone with my little lovely puppy.
  • (Difference between) Scientists are still researching the difference between the two types of elements.
  • (Difficulty in/with) She’s having difficulty with breathing during the match.
  • (Information about) I’m seeking information about buying a car for our family.
  • (Reaction to) The little child had a negative reaction to the new medicine.
  • (Reason for) What was the reason for his actions during the ceremony?


  • (Result of) It was a result of your hard work and your discipline.
  • (Solution to) Scientists are actively looking for a solution to the problem.
  • (Taste for) I don’t have a taste for broccoli.
  • (Trouble with) They are still having trouble with their little son during the nights.