40 Examples of Prepositional Phrases

40 Examples of Prepositional Phrases

They are used with prepositions, pronouns, and noun phrases to show directions, places, times or to introduce an object. These prepositions, which take place in all kinds of sentences that you can see in daily life, bring together different sentences and connect them to a certain idea.

Although prepositions are generally short words, it is not possible to generalize as they are quite common in the English language and there are about one hundred and fifty.

Here are most common Prepositions List.

40 Examples of Prepositional Phrases

1.in duplicate

2.in earnest

3.in a hurry

4.in a mess

5.in a pile

6.in abundance

7.for certain

8.for fear of

9.for good

10.for granted

11.for hire

12.for lack of

13.without question

14.without respite

15.without warning

16.in common

17.in comparison with

18.in compensation for

19.in conclusion

20.in confidence

21.on the brink of

22.on the dot

23.on the edge of

24.on the eve of

25.on the grounds of

26.out of work

27.out of fashion

28.out of print

29.out of step

30.out of breath

31.out of context

32.out of control

33.out of curiosity

34.at one’s discretion

35.at one’s disposal

36.at one’s leisure

37.at one’s request

38.on watch

39.on schedule

40.on the record