240 Examples of Prepositional Phrases in English

240 Examples of Prepositional Phrases in English

They are used with prepositions, pronouns, and noun phrases to show directions, places, times or to introduce an object. These prepositions, which take place in all kinds of sentences that you can see in daily life, bring together different sentences and connect them to a certain idea.

Although prepositions are generally short words, it is not possible to generalize as they are quite common in the English language and there are about one hundred and fifty.

Here are most common Prepositions List.

240 Examples of Prepositional Phrases

under the circumstances
under age
under arrest
under consideration
under construction
under cover of
under discussion
under lock and key
under one’s protection
under orders
under pressure
under regulations
under repair
under strain
under stress
under suspicion
under the command of
under the impression that
under the influence (of)
under the misapprehension
under treatment
to the contrary
to an extent
to date
to excess
to one’s astonishment
to one’s credit
to one’s dismay
to sb’s face
to this day
to the accompaniment of
to the best of
to the detriment of
to the exclusion of
to the full
to the satisfaction of
at high speed
at risk
at one’s side
at a fraction of
at the outset
at the end
at sight
at the double
at one time
at a disadvantage
at a discount
at a distance
at a glance
at a guess
at a loose and
at a loss
at a low ebb
at a moment’s notice
at a price
at a rate of
at a speed of
at a standstill
at all costs
at all events
at an advantage
at any cost
at any rate
at breakfast
at ease
at face value
at fault
at full strength
at hand
at heart
at home
at issue
at large
at least
at length
at liberty
at most
at night
at noon
at odds with
at once
at one’s best
at one’s discretion
at one’s disposal
at one’s leisure
at one’s request
on watch
on schedule
on the record
on the road
on oath
on pain of
on the air
on balance
on a diet
on a journey
on a trip
on a large scale
on a small scale
on a pension
on a regular basis
on a spree
on account of
on an expedition
on an island
on approval
on average
on bail
on behalf of
on board
on business
on no account
on occasion
on one’s terms
on one’s own
on one’s own initiative
on order
on paper
on parade
on patrol
on principle
on purpose
on reflection
on remand
on sale
on second thoughts
on show
on strike
on suspicion of
on the agenda
on the assumption
on the brink of
on the dot
on the edge of
on the eve of
on the grounds of
out of work
out of fashion
out of print
out of step
out of breath
out of context
out of control
out of curiosity
out of doors
out of duty
out of hand
out of jealousy
out of date
out of pity
out of place
out of practice
out of reach
out of respect for
out of sight
out of spite
out of stock
out of order
out of the ordinary
out of the question
out of one’s mind
out of ideas
without doubt
without a break
without a hitch
without delay
without exception
without fail
without foundation
without precedent
without question
without respite
without warning
in common
in comparison with
in compensation for
in conclusion
in confidence
in confinement
in confusion
in conjunction with
in connection with
in consequence of
in contact with
in contrast with
in control of
in convoy
in custody
in danger
in debt
in of stock
in of touch
in of use
in difficulty
in sight (of)
in a deep sleep
in a flash
in a heap
in a temper
in abeyance
in accordance with
in action
in of prison
in of season
in bulk
in cash
in character
in charge of
in code
in collaboration with
in combination with
in comfort
in command of
in dispute
in distress
in doubt
in due course
in duplicate
in earnest
in a hurry
in a mess
in a pile
in abundance
for certain
for fear of
for good
for granted
for hire
for lack of
for life
for a good cause
for the benefit (of)
for a reason
for a change
for love
for my
for real
for the good of
for the sake of
for want of