100 Examples of Prepositional Phrases

100 Examples of Prepositional Phrases

They are used with prepositions, pronouns, and noun phrases to show directions, places, times or to introduce an object. These prepositions, which take place in all kinds of sentences that you can see in daily life, bring together different sentences and connect them to a certain idea.

Although prepositions are generally short words, it is not possible to generalize as they are quite common in the English language and there are about one hundred and fifty.

Here are most common Prepositions List.

100 Examples of Prepositional Phrases

1.in doubt

2.in due course

3.in duplicate

4.in earnest

5.in a hurry

6.in a mess

7.in a pile

8.in abundance

9.for certain

10.for fear of

11.for good

12.for granted

13.for hire

14.for lack of

15.for life

16.for a good cause

17.for the benefit (of)

18.for a reason

19.for a change

20.for love

21.without respite

22.without warning

23.in common

24.in comparison with

25.in compensation for

26.out of place

27.out of practice

28.out of reach

29.out of respect for

30.out of sight

31.out of spite

32.out of stock

33.out of order

34.out of the ordinary

35.out of the question

36.out of one’s mind

37.out of ideas

38.without doubt

39.without a break

40.without a hitch

41.without delay

42.without exception

43.on the assumption

44.on the brink of

45.on the dot

46.on the edge of

47.on the eve of

48.on the grounds of

49.out of work

50.out of fashion

51.at liberty

52.at most

53.at night

54.at noon

55.at odds with

56.at once

57.at one’s best

58.at one’s discretion

59.at one’s disposal

60.at one’s leisure

61.at one’s request

62.on watch

63.on schedule

64.on the record

65.on the road

66.on oath

67.on pain of

68.on the air

69.on balance

70.on a diet

71.on a journey

72.on a trip

73.on a large scale

74.to the full

75.to the satisfaction of

76.under the circumstances

77.under age

78.under arrest

79.under consideration

80.under construction

81.under cover of

82.under discussion

83.under lock and key

84.under orders

85.under pressure

86.under regulations

87.under repair

88.under strain

89.under stress

90.under suspicion

91.under the impression that

92.under the influence

93.under the misapprehension

94.under treatment

95.to the contrary

96.to an extent

97.to date

98.to excess

99.to one’s astonishment

100.to one’s credit