30 Phrases With Sentences

30 Phrases With Sentences

1.Can you tell me…?

2.Can’t complain.


4.Could you do me a favor?

5.Do you agree with me?

6.Do you have any bags to check?

7.Do you know/see what I mean?

8.Do you mind repeating that?

9.Do you understand what I’m saying?

10.Don’t you think that…?

11.Excuse me?

12.Hey there?

13.How do you feel about…?

14.How do you feel about…?

15.How much is this?

16.I’m single.

17.I’m so sorry to hear that.

18.I’m starving!

19.I’ve been busy.

20.If you ask me…

21.Is it in fact the case that…?

22.Is that clear?

23.It was nice chatting with you.

24.It was the least I could do.

25.It’s a piece of cake.

26.Keep up the good work!

27.Let me check my calendar.

28.Long time, no see

29.Look who it is!