20 Phrases With Sentences

20 Phrases With Sentences

1.I’d like you to meet…

2.I’d rather not, thanks.

3.I’m afraid you’re right.

4.I’m divorced.

5.I’m full.

6.I’m not happy about this.

7.I’m not really into it, but thanks for asking!

8.I’m not really sure.

9.I’m planning to…

10.I’m returning your call.

11.Can you tell me…?

12.Can’t complain.


14.Could you do me a favor?

15.Do you agree with me?

16.Do you have any bags to check?

17.Do you know/see what I mean?

18.Do you mind repeating that?

19.Do you understand what I’m saying?

20.Don’t you think that…?