180 Phrasal Verbs List with OUT

180 Phrasal Verbs List with OUT

Phrasal Verbs

It is generally used with a verb, an adverb, or a preposition. An adverb or preposition added to the main verb changes the meaning of the actual verb, giving it a different meaning. Since it has a different meaning, it becomes an idiomatic verb. For example, if the preposition “up” is added to the verb “give”, we get the idiomatic verb “Give up” and it gains a new meaning regardless of the meaning of the two words that make it up.

Phrasal Verbs are divided into two as “separable” and “inseparable”.

Separable Phrasal Verbs

If a phrasal verb is separable, we can place the object between the main verb and the preposition or add it to the end of the phrasal verb phrase without separating it at all.

Inseparable Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verb type that cannot be placed in the middle of the phrasal verb phrase of the object of the sentence, therefore, must be used side by side and cannot be divided, is called “Inseparable phrasal verbs”. As an example, let’s use the phrasal verb “come across”, which is a combination of the words “come” and “across”, in a few sentences.

1.adopt out

2.age out

3.air out

4.argue out

5.bag out

6.bail out

7.bail out on

8.balance out

9.bale out

10.ball out

11.bang out

12.bar out

13.bash out

14.bat out

15.battle out

16.bawl out

17.block out

18.blossom out

19.blot out

20.blow out

21.bluff out

22.blurt out

23.board out

24.boot out

25.bottle out

26.bottom out

27.bow out

28.bowl out

29.box out

30.branch out

31.brave out

32.brazen out

33.break out

34.breathe out

35.bring out

36.brown out

37.cash out

38.cast out

39.catch out

40.chalk out

41.cheap out

42.cheapen out

43.cheat out

44.cheat out of

45.check out

46.chew out

47.chicken out

48.chill out

49.chuck out

50.churn out

51.clap out

52.clean out

53.clear out

54.clock out

55.close out

56.come out

57.come out ahead

58.come out in

59.come out with

60.comment out

61.conk out

62.cook out

63.cop out

64.corbel out

65.die out

66.dig out

67.dime out

68.dine out

69.dip out

70.dish out

71.do out

72.dog out

73.dole out

74.dope out

75.drag out

76.file out

77.fill out

78.film out

79.filter out

80.find out

81.fink out

82.fire out

83.fish out

84.fit out

85.fizzle out

86.flake out

87.flame out

88.flat out

89.flatten out

90.flesh out

91.fling out

92.flip out

93.fluff out

94.flunk out

95.flush out

96.fly out

97.go all out

98.go out

99.gray out

100.grey out

101.grind out

102.gross out

103.hear out

104.help out

105.hew out

106.hide out

107.hire out

108.hit out

109.hold out

110.hole out

111.hollow out

112.kick out

113.kink out

114.leaf out

115.leak out

116.leave out

117.let out

118.level out

119.lez out

120.lick out

121.light out

122.max out

123.medical out

124.mellow out

125.pad out

126.page out

127.paint out

128.pan out

129.parcel out

130.partial out

131.pass out

132.pay out

133.peace out

134.peal out

135.peel out

136.peep out

137.peg out

138.pencil out

139.peter out

140.press out

141.price out

142.print out

143.prone out

144.prove out

145.psych out

146.reel out

147.rem out

148.rent out

149.rid out

150.ride out

151.rig out

152.rim out

153.ring out

154.roar out

155.rock out

156.roll out

157.root out

158.rough out

159.seek out

160.seize out

161.sell out

162.send out

163.send out for

164.serve out

165.set out

166.seven out

167.shake out

168.share out

169.shed out

170.shell out

171.ship out

172.shit out

173.short out

174.shout out

175.shovel out

176.spazz out

177.speak out

178.spell out

179.spike up

180.spill out