100 Most Common Phrasal Verbs List with Meaning

100 Most Common Phrasal Verbs List with Meaning

Take out sth

Meaning; to remove sth from a place

Example; The dentist has to take out this tooth.


Take after sb

Meaning; to resemble sb in appearence

Example; She takes after her mother.


Take on sth

Meaning; to accept job or responsibility

Example; Don’t take on more responsibilities than you can handle.


Put up with

Meaning: sb/sth means to tolerate

Example: I don’t know why she puts up with him.


Put something(sth) on

Meaning: means to dress

Example: Put your shoes on – We are going out.


Put somebody(sb) down

Meaning: means to insult

Example: My boss is always putting me down.


Put somebody(sb) off

Meaning: means to distract

Example: Don’t put me off – I’m trying to concentrate.


Put something(sth) away

Meaning: means to tidy.

Example: Put your toys away now.


Put somebody(sb) through

Meaning: to connect sb by phone

Example: Could you put me through to him, please?


Put something(sth) by

Meaning: means to save money

Example: We’ll start to put by extra some pounds every month.


Fry up

Definition: Cook something by frying

Example Sentence: Let’s fry some eggs up for dinner.


Pig out

Definition: Eat a large amount of food

Example Sentence: During the weekend she pigged out on fast food.


Warm up

Definition: Make something warm

Example Sentence: I’II warm up some meat for dinner.


Carry on with

Definitions; Continue

Example Sentence; I want you to carry on with the work while I am out of country.


Carry on

Definition; Continue

Example Sentence; Carry on. I didn’t mean to interrupt you.


Carry on about

Definition; Continue in an annoying way

Example Sentence; She kept carrying on about how much money she makes.


Carry off

Definition; Succeedwin

Example Sentence; He carried off the first prize in the tennis tournament.


Carry over

Definition; Continue past a certain point

Example Sentence; The meeting carried over into lunch time.


Carry out

Definition; Perform a task

Example Sentence; I would like to carry out the plan.


Carry on

Definition; Behave badly

Example Sentence; My son annoyed me by carrying on all day.


Take up sth

Meaning; to begin a new hobby

Example; I’m not very good at basketball. I only took it up recently.


Take off

Meaning; to begin flight

Example; The plane will take off in two hours.


Take in sth

Meaning; to comprehend sth

Example; I didn’t take in much of the teacher said.


Read sth off

Meaning; to read sth. aloud from a list

Example; When he read your name off, come up to the stage.


Read (sth) back ( to sb)

Meaning; to read some information back or again to the person who has just given it

Example; I will read the telephone number back to you to make sure.


Read into

Meaning; to believe that an action, remark, or situation has a particular importance or meaning, often when this is not true

Example; Her speech is very clear. Don’t try to read anything else into it.


Read over/through

Meaning; to read something quickly from the beginning to the end

Example; You should read over your exam paper when you have finished.


Read for sth

Meaning; to study for something

Example; We are reading for our exams.


Read up on/about sth

Meaning; to spend time reading in order to find out information about something

Example; You should read up on this issue before going for an interview.


Read sth out

Meaning; to read something aloud

Example; Please read the names out so everyone can hear you.


Let in

Definition; Let someone come in

Example Sentence; She opened the window to let in the air.


Let on

Definition; Make clear, evince

Example Sentence; You don’t want to let on how rich you really are.


Let off

Definition; Cause to explode or release

Example Sentence; Stand back when you let off fireworks.


Let down

Definition; Fail to support or help

Example Sentence; My friend, don’t let me down this time.


Let out

Definition; Make bigger

Example Sentence; I need to let out this skirt.


Let down

Definition; Lengthen

Example Sentence; My father is a tailor, so he can let my pants down.


Look after sb/sth

Meaning; to watch or take care of someone or something

Example; I look after my friend’s fish when she is away.


Look ahead

Meaning; to think about what may happen in the future

Example; They need to look ahead to make a decision for their company.


Look round/around somewhere/sth

Meaning; to visit a place and look at the things in it.

Example; I will spend all day looking around the city.


Look at sth

Meaning; to think about a subject carefully

Example; We are looking at the various possibilities.


Look back

Meaning; to think about something that happened in the past

Example; When I look back, I’m filled with happiness.


Look down on sb

Meaning; to regard oneself as superior to somebody

Example; He looks down on her because he has a good job.


Look forward to sth

Meaning; to anticipate something with pleasure

Example; She is looking forward to visiting her family this weekend.


Look for 

Meaning; to search for someone or something, to seek

Example; I am looking for Susan. Have you seen her?


Look in ( on sb/sth )

Meaning; to check briefly on someone or something

Example; I can look in on the child before I go to the bed.


Look into sth

Meaning; to try to discover the facts about something such as a problem or an issue.

Example; The president has promised to look into the case.


Look on

Meaning; to watch what is happening without participating.

Example; The mother cat is just looking on while the kittens are playing each other.


Go about sth

Meaning; to deal with something

Example; I want to solve this problem but I don’t know how to go about it.


Go after sth

Meaning; to try to get something

Example; He is planning to go after his friend’s project.


Go after sb

Meaning; to try to catch or stop someone

Example; We should go after her and tell her the truth.


Go against sth/sb

Meaning; to oppose or to disagree with someone or something

Example; The people’s votes went against us.


Go ahead

Meaning; to start or to continue to do something, especially after waiting for permission

Example; Why don’t you go ahead and eat it?


Go ahead with

Meaning; to start or to continue with plans to do something

Example; It is good idea. We should go ahead with the plan and see what happens.


Get (sth) across

Meaning; to make people understand something

Example; The teacher couldn’t get her ideas across to the students.


Get along / Get on / Get on with

Meaning; If people get along, they like each other and they have a good relationship.

Example; I can’t get along with the neighbors any more.


Get ahead

Meaning; to be successful in the work

Example; I will get ahead at work with this project.


Get at sth

Meaning; to touch or to reach something

Example; The child can’t get at the books on the high shelf.


Get at sb

Meaning; to criticize someone repeatedly

Example; The boss always get at me. I don’t know why he behaves like that.


Get away

Meaning; to leave or to escape from a place or a person

Example; She usually gets away from the crowds.


Make off

Definition;Hurry awayescape

Example Sentence; The thieves made off before the police arrived.


Make up

Definition; Forgive each other

Example Sentence; Alex and Mary angry yesterday, but they made up this morning.


Make for

Definition; Move towards

Example Sentence; He already made for home when I arrived.