45 Opposite Words List

45 Opposite Words List

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Opposites (antonyms) are words that contain contradictory characteristics, that is, words that are opposed to one another in terms of meaning. Everyone should be taught how to appropriately use words that have antonyms. It is vital in tests as well as in everyday life, in terms of utilizing the language appropriately and successfully expressing oneself in a variety of situations.

Antonyms are only words that have meanings that are opposed to each other; for example, the negative connotation of a word with a positive meaning cannot be considered an antonym. For example, the phrase “not descending,” which is the negative meaning of the word descend, cannot be considered an antonym. The opposite of the descend is the word ascend. Along with that not every word has an opposite.

If you wish to express yourself with more delicacy or precision in your language choices, you’ll need antonyms. The following are some of the reasons why comprehending this principle is critical.

To Expand Your Vocabulary

Antonyms will help expand a person’s vocabulary. It is possible to get a more acute grasp of a word by comprehending its opposite – or precisely what the phrase does not represent – rather than by understanding the word itself.

1.about – exactly

2.above – below

3.all – none

4.broad – narrow

5.brother – sister

6.build – destroy

7.busy – lazy

8.buy – sell

9.calm – excited

10.cloudy – clear

11.cold – hot

12.come – go

13.comedy – drama

14.free – arrest

15.happy – sad

16.handsome – ugly

17.hard – easy

18.harvest – plant

19.hate – enjoy

20.health – disease

21.import – export

22.in – out

23.include – exclude

24.increase – reduce

25.innocent – guilty

26.inside – outside

27.insult – compliment

28.intelligent – silly

29.intentional – accidental

30.be interested in – bore

31.lie – stand

32.life – death

33.light – dark

34.powerful – weak

35.presence – absence

36.present – past

37.pretty – ugly

38.private – public

39.probably – certainly

40.professional – amateur

41.protect – attack

42.rural – urban

43.sad – happy

44.sadness – happiness

45.safe – dangerous