Noun Sentences Example and Definition, Proper Common Genus Noun Sentences

Noun Sentences Example and Definition, Proper Common Genus Noun Sentences

Noun Sentences

Nouns are used in place of people, places, animals, and emotions. Noun phrases appear by using nouns in sentences. Noun phrases are frequently used in English. Therefore, if you want to construct sentences correctly in your daily life, you need to pay attention to grammar. The article contains all the details.

  • I have a house in Istanbul.
  • Henry is my uncle’s child.
  • My cat’s name is Hazelnut.
  • That villa is a huge place.

Uses of Proper Nouns in Noun Phrases

Proper names are generally known as your name, the name of your friends, the names of members of your family, or the names of important places in your environment. Since these nouns are known as proper nouns, they must begin with a capital letter in the sentence. The sentence usages of these words, which will be frequently included in your conversations in daily life, are as follows:

  • My name is Marie.
  • Her name is Emily.
  • George, come with me, let’s go to the movies.
  • Hi Martin, I want to meet you.
  • My cousin has been living in America for years.
  • I got to know him too when I went on a trip to Paris.

Uses of Genus Nouns in Noun Phrases

Genus names are generally preferred when it is desired to name people, places, and animals commonly. These names come to the fore with their general usage. That’s why they don’t start a sentence with a capital letter. Examples of this type of noun include:

  • Animals like to live in their natural habitat.
  • The birds couldn’t stop making a sound.
  • Romance books are one of my favorite genres.
  • Henry’s mother was an artist in a musical.

Examine the Use of Collective Nouns in Noun Phrases

When collective nouns are used instead of group nouns, they come to the fore to represent a whole. Examples of these sentence types are given below:

  • There was a pile of CDs in the house.
  • You could see many children’s colonies in the playground.
  • Lots of reading books.
  • A pile of clothes.
  • Lots of household products.
  • A group of students.

The more nouns you know in a language, the easier it will be to construct sentences. For this reason, you should take care to learn the correct places of nouns in sentences. In this way, you will make the most accurate formation of your sentences together with the names you have learned.

More Noun Sentences Examples

He is my best friend.
Everything was ready for the party.
He does not goes to gym every day.
She is my best friend.
She got a good grade in the Spanish exam.
I don’t play tennis every day.
She won’t go to the cinema.
I want to be a computer engineer too.
That isn’t the way to London.
This is mine dog.
My father fixed the car himself.
I do not drink white wine.
My father did not even bother to answer me.
You are not an engineer.