Common and Proper Nouns List in English

Common and Proper Nouns List in English

Proper Nouns

Proper nouns, a customized word for a person, a place, or an organization, are completely specific to that person, place, or thing. You should know that your name is also special because there is only one of you who has that name. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the special rules for proper nouns in English.


Proper Nouns and Capitalization

Regardless, the first letter of a proper noun should always be capitalized, so you should start typing a proper name with a capital letter. There is no exception to this situation, so it doesn’t matter whether the proper name belongs to a person, a month, a company, or a place.

She says she hasn’t loved Alexander since she met him. (If proper nouns were not capitalized, this sentence would be written as “She says she hasn’t loved alexander since she met him.”)

While there are no exceptions to this rule in a grammatically written article, sometimes people ignore this important rule and ignore it to create their own special and modern look. While this is often seen in advertisements and logos, there are also texts where some writers don’t care about this rule. However, you should write proper names in capital letters to reach correct spelling and not make any mistakes.

Common NounProper Noun
TeaEarl Grey
DrinkCoca Cola
ManUsain Bolt
SchoolCambridge University
MountainMount Everest
OceanIndian Ocean
BuildingEmpire State