50 Sentences of Must, Example Sentences with Must

50 Sentences of Must, Example Sentences with Must

1.You must eat something.

2.I must buy one of these.

3.Something must be wrong.

4.I know you must be happy.

5.We must take that chance.

6.I must have fallen asleep.

7.We must begin before five.

8.Alex must’ve put up a fight.

9.They must have had an accident.

10.I must say something to you now.

11.We must fasten our seatbelts.

12.You must stop playing computer games.

13.You must be mistaken.

14.She must learn to drive. It will be very useful.

15.Banks must examine all documents.

16.You must not come in.

17.It must be there.

18.She must not disturb me.

19.Must you make that noise?

20.He must be over fifty.

21.I must get some sleep.

22.The students must study English at least eleven hours a week.

23.You must apply for that job.

24.We must sit down.

25.You must take some time off and get some rest.

26.You have sore throat. You must not drink cold water.

27.You must return.

28.I must stay here.

29.I must warn them.

30.You must be starving.

31.She must tell the truth to the court.

32.Alex must get up early.

33.I must’ve misplaced it.

34.There must be a chance.

35.We must be leaving now.

36.You must eat something.

37.We must help each other.

38.I must go home.

39.You must eat your food.

40.I must be losing my mind.

41.We must have been crazy!

42.You must stop here.

43.You must wear a seatbelt when you drive.

44.You must answer at least one question.

45.She looks sick. She must go home.

46.I must do some work.

47.I must return the book now.

48.He mustn’t be late for the meeting.

49.I must be careful not to upset her.

50.They must leave immediately.