10 Modal Verb Sentences, Modals Example Sentences

10 Modal Verb Sentences, Modals Example Sentences

Auxiliary verbs, which are seen as the building blocks of the sentence and which must be in every sentence, are one of the subjects that must be learned while learning English. If you want to make a sentence negative, if you want to turn that sentence into a question, or if you want to correct the time of the sentence, you can use auxiliary verbs. All auxiliary verbs in English complement main verbs, but auxiliary verbs do not have any meaning if used alone, they are completely meaningless.

Here are +24 Auxiliary Verbs List, Modal Auxiliary List;

  • am
  • is
  • are
  • was
  • were
  • being
  • been
  • be
  • has
  • have
  • had
  • did
  • shall
  • will
  • should
  • would
  • may
  • might
  • must
  • can
  • could
  • does
  • do
  • need
  • ought to
  • dare
  • going to
  • be able to
  • have to
  • had better

10 Modal Verb Sentences, Modals Example Sentences

1.I might see her in the evening.

2.The doctor said that I might released when I feel well.

3.The director said that when you feel ready, you might on the stage.

4.I wished you might passed the exams.

5.I wished I might go abroad.

6.I hoped you might not leave me.

7.Might I read your magazine a little bit?

8.You might send your gifts for Christmas early.

9.If the doctor is inside, might I enter?

10.I could play a guitar when I was a child.