100 sentences of interjection

100 sentences of interjection


The words or groups of words that come out of the mouth with the effect of various emotions that appear suddenly and enable to explain the said emotion more effectively are called interjections.

Interjections can consist of words that describe emotions such as “joy, enthusiasm, surprise, fear, anger, sadness, pity” that appear out of nowhere, as well as words that have meanings such as “order, call, address, wish, threat” and words that reflect the sounds of nature.

Despite the fact that interjections are one of the conventional components of speech, they are not related to the sentence from a grammatical standpoint. The use of interjections is quite widespread in spoken English, but they can also be found in written English. Knowing the many types of interjections, and also how to punctuate them, can assist you in effectively employing them.

Interjection Example Sentences

Oops! I forgot my book at home.

Oh, it’s all up to me again!

Hey, give me some tea too!

Oh, what beautiful weather this is!

Hush, listen to me!

Brr, the house is freezing!

Yuck, I don’t like that fruit.

Bingo! That is the correct answer.

Lord! What have you done?

Wow, that is the prettiest dress I have ever seen in my life!

Ouch, don’t touch my arm, I fell the other day.

Uh, oh I think I made a mistake.

Yikes! That looks horrible.

Shhh, the baby is sleeping in her room.

Whew! What a hard day.

Touche! That is what I have been trying to tell you from the beginning!

That’s nuts! No one can actually run that fast.

Geez! You scared me standing there in the dark.

Bravo! I knew you would in this competition.

Errr, I actually don’t know.

Yeah! Let’s go to the party!

Yaaay, my favorite uncle is coming to visit me today.

Huh? Can you say that again? I didn’t quite get what you were saying.

Shoo bee shoo! I can’t let you sting me!

Oh my god! Who is in your house? Is it a thief?

Woops, didn’t mean to break that.

Boo! It’s Halloween, trick or treat!

Well done! You got the highest score in the whole school.

Good! Keep going like this and you will win a gold medal in athletics.

Jesus! Why are you wearing that scary mask?

Oh my! I took the wrong key with me.

100 Interjection Examples List

1. Eek!

2. Well, well!

3. Ooh!

4. Fooey!

5. Zoinks!!

6. No way!

7. You bet!

8. Yum!

9. Yoo-hoo!

10. Bah!

11. Oho!

12. Gangway!

13. Zap!

14. Very well!

15. Whoa!

16. Doggone!

17. Sleep tight!

18. Harrumph!

19. No thanks!

20. Nooo!

21. Tut-tut!

22. Snap!

23. There!

24. Whew!

25. Duh!

26. Psst!

27. Egads!

28. Sorry!

29. Meh!

30. Uh-oh!

31. Gee whiz!

32. My word!

33. Touche!

34. La-di-dah!

35. Whatever!

36. Gadzooks!

37. Ick!

38. Aah!

39. Ack!

40. Nuts!

41. Gee!

42. Curses!

43. Pish posh!

44. Whoopee!

45. Thanks!

46. Just wondering!

47. Rah!

48. Just a sec!

49. Sigh!

50. Hum!

51. Well!

52. Oh!

53. Ya!

54. My my!

55. Crikey!

56. Good!

57. Fie!

58. Yummy!

59. Yeah!

60. Aha!

61. Chin up!

62. Oh-oh!

63. When!

64. Easy does it!

65. Hee!

66. Rumble!

67. Ta ta!

68. Hot dog!

69. Tut!

70. Hurray!

71. Humbug!

72. Gulp!

73. Sssh!

74. Drat!

75. You don’t say!

76. Huh!

77. Tally ho!

78. Fiddlesticks!

79. Yea!

80. Ixnay!

81. Here!

82. Brr!

83. Hallelujah!

84. Cheerio!

85. Grr!

86. Whoo!

87. Hey!

88. Um!

89. Look!

90. Roger that!

91. Alas!

92. Sup!

93. Quite!

94. Yikes!

95. Gesundheit!

96. Bravo!

97. Shh!

98. Aye!

99. Ur!

100. Haw!