14 Common Idioms and Their Meanings

14 Common Idioms and Their Meanings

A piece of cake
Meaning: something is very easy

Give Him The Slip
Meaning: To get away from To escape

Bust one’s chops
Meaning: To say things intended to harass

on the up and up
Meaning: honest; ethical; fair

when hell freezes over
Meaning: never

Go Down Like A Lead Balloon:
Meaning: To be received badly by an audience

To cut corners
Meaning: to do something badly or cheaply

Get Your Walking Papers
Meaning: Get fired from a job

Get ducks in a row
Meaning: Getting your things well organized
Look on the bright side
Meaning: View an unpleasant situation in a positive light

From A to Z
Meaning: Covering a complete range; comprehensively

In Your Face
Meaning: An aggressive and bold confrontation

It Takes Two To Tango
Meaning: A two person conflict where both people are at fault

It’s A Small World
Meaning: You frequently see the same people in different places