Common Interjections List and Meanings

Common Interjections List and Meanings

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The words or groups of words that come out of the mouth with the effect of various emotions that appear suddenly and enable to explain the said emotion more effectively are called interjections.

Interjections can consist of words that describe emotions such as “joy, enthusiasm, surprise, fear, anger, sadness, pity” that appear out of nowhere, as well as words that have meanings such as “order, call, address, wish, threat” and words that reflect the sounds of nature.

Despite the fact that interjections are one of the conventional components of speech, they are not related to the sentence from a grammatical standpoint. The use of interjections is quite widespread in spoken English, but they can also be found in written English. Knowing the many types of interjections, and also how to punctuate them, can assist you in effectively employing them.

Aah: Exclamation of fear

Ahh: Realization or acceptance

Aww: Something sweet or cute

Whew: Amazement and/or relief

Wow: Expressing surprise or admiration

Yay/Yaay: Congratulatory exclamation

Yeah: Variant of yes

Yikes: For fear or concern (not serious)

Yippee: Exclamation of celebration

Uh: Indicates a pause / need for more time

Hmm: Thinking / Hesitating about something

Er: Not knowing what to say

Um: Pausing or being skeptical

Bingo: Acknowledge something as right

Eh: Question something

Eww: Something disgusting

Hmph: To indicate displeasure

Oh: I see / I think

Oops: Making a mistake

Ouch: Exclamation of pain