14 Punctuation Marks and Examples

14 Punctuation Marks and Examples

Punctuation Marks

Punctuation marks consist of non-letter signs used to increase intelligibility in a text. Punctuation marks generally show the reader which words are a group and where the reader should pause.



This punctuation mark is generally used in three places and is denoted by the (‘) symbol.


Two dogs’ collar

A parrot’s wing

three people’s house

A witch’s potion

Elsa’s eye color

Apostrophes are used in the 4-word groups given as examples above to show belonging. In the first example word group given, the “s” did not come after using apostrophes because the word “dogs” already ends with an “s”. In such cases, we don’t need to type “s” again after using apostrophes.

A month’s holiday

five days’ wages

In both examples given, apostrophes are used in time expressions.

Can not = Can’t

Do not = Don’t

Have not = Haven’t

As can be seen from the three examples given above, apostrophes can also be used in abbreviations.



This punctuation mark is generally used in four ways and is denoted by the symbol (:). The reference is used in hours and headings, after an introductory sentence, and in quotations when extending a sentence and adding on to something that has already been saying.

The most important thing for typing on a computer: the keyboard.

I bought these: red apple, watermelon, and strawberry.

He turned to me and said: “Did you know about all this?” she asked.



This punctuation mark can be used in many fields and is indicated by the symbol (,). In general, when describing a situation, after expressions such as “therefore, but, as a result”, after a call, when connecting two independent sentences, as intermediate sentences, to separate the items in the list, after a long subject, in decimal numbers, in addressing the noun and can be used before a quote.

He’s younger, he doesn’t understand you.

In conclusion, I now agree with you.

Jason, your answer is wrong!

Cheese, bread, jam


I know your brother, Mike.

“Will, not you come?” she asked.



Hyphens – Dash

It is generally used to connect two things and is represented by the (-) symbol.

It can be used to combine words in compound adjectives.

five-foot red table Gold-service tray

It can be used to combine words in compound nouns.



Parentheses (Round)

This punctuation mark can be used to add extra information or when plural options may be involved. It is denoted by the symbols “(“, “)”.


Parentheses (square)

This punctuation mark can generally be used to make the quote more specific or to change a part of the quote. It is denoted by the symbols “[“, “]”.


Full Stop

This punctuation mark can be used at the end of declarative sentences, polite imperative sentences, and abbreviations.

I like birds.

Turn right ahead.




This punctuation mark is used when the items in the list have commas, before conjunctions connecting two sentences, and to soften the transitions in the sentence, especially when it comes to words like “as a result” or “however”. “;” is indicated by the symbol.

it was very cold; however, they still enjoyed it.

We were surprised that the weather was sunny yesterday, but today it is snowy as we expected.


Question Mark ?

Meaning: at the end of a phrase or sentence to show that it is a question.

Example Sentence:

How much paper will they need?


At sign @

Meaning: for email address

Example Sentence:

Here my email address: mary@gmail.com


Apostrophe ‘

Meaning: It is used to show when a letter or a number has been left out.

Example Sentence:

There are two 8s in 808.


Ellipsis Mark …

Meaning: one or more words have been intentionally left out

Example Sentence:

Today  we started new work.


Comma ,

Meaning: It is used to separate parts of a sentence showing a small pause, or to separate the single things in a specific list.

Example Sentence:

She is a clever, healthy woman.


Full Stop .

Meaning: It is used at the end of a sentence.

Example Sentence:

I’m waiting for the day you’ll be back.


Colon :

Meaning: It is used to introduce a list of sentence or phrase taken from somewhere else.

Example Sentence:

Samuel plays four sports: volleyball, soccer, and tennis.


Exclamation Mark !

Meaning: Exclamation mark is used immediately after an exclamation.

Example Sentence:

Yes, You will come with me!