Conditional Sentences Type 2, Definition and Example Sentences

Conditional Sentences Type 2, Definition and Example Sentences


  • Hypothesis
  • Unlikely situations
  • Unreal situations
  • Give advice


If + Past Simple + Conditional (would, would, might) + Verb infinitive

Conditional statements that show a condition and the possible outcome in addition to this condition tell us that the actions that are expected to occur are dependent on a condition. Conditionals Type 2 statements refer to things that don’t happen, or even that is unlikely to happen. In other words, the condition you have stated in these sentences does not express the real situations, it refers to the situations you imagine at that moment. Although the verb used in the main sentence is the verb used in the past tense, Conditional Type 2 sentences are used when talking about the present tense or the present moment.

Example Sentences

  • If had money I would buy a car.
  • If knew the answer, I would tell it to you.
  • If Mary had time, she would visit her boyfriend.
  • If he knew her address , he would visit her.
  • If were 22, I would travel the world.
  • If were you, I would not do this.
  • If sea water weren’t salty , we would water the plants with it.
  • If had a map, I would lend it to you.