Conditional Sentences Type 0

Conditional Sentences Type 0

Conditionals Type 0

The sentences in which the expected actions depend on a condition, that is, on something that must be done, happen or happen, are called conditional sentences. In other words, an event cannot occur until the event that is supposed to occur occurs. Conditional clauses appear when there is a condition consisting of two different sentences, one starting with “if” and the other being the main sentence and having a verb of its own. In short, we can say that conditional clauses are formed when combined with the if clause, that is, condition, the main clause, that is, result.


How to Make Conditionals Type 0?

Each conditional clause has its own tense, the tense that Type 0 has is the Present Tense. Since this tense is always used when talking about our daily work, activities, general facts, orders, directions, scientific facts, and research, we can easily say that Type 0 also refers to these.


  • Universal Truths
  • Obvious things
  • Facts
  • Cause and consequence


If/When + Present Simple + Present Simple

Example Sentences

  • If you freeze water, it turns to ice.
  • If you heat metal, it expands.
  • What happens when you heat water  to 100 degrees?
  • If you have problems, talk to your doctor.
  • When you throw salt to the water,  it boils later.
  • If you press the power key, a green light appears.
  • If you sweat too much, you dehydrate.