20 Conditional Sentences If Clause Mixed Type

20 Conditional Sentences If Clause Mixed Type

Conditionals Mixed Type

All conditional statements express what will happen as a result of that condition when a condition has happened. While constructing conditional sentences, we use two different sentences, the first of these sentences is the sentence that starts with if and we call the if clause, the other of these sentences is the main sentence. Since each of these two sentences has a unique verb, it is of great importance to know which tense to use in these sentences, to determine the meaning of the sentence, and to use the sentence appropriately.

There are cases where unreal conditional clauses are used in the same sentence, where the tense in the If clause and the tense in the main clause are not the same. These states are generally called Conditionals Mixed Type.

How to Use Conditional Mixed Type 1?

In this type, which is used to connect the past and the present and connects Type 3 and Type 2, the Past Perfect Tense is used in the if-clause, while the Modal Present Tense is used in the main clause. In this sentence, there is a past condition and a possible outcome of this condition that cannot be fulfilled in the present tense, so we can call this type the “Today to Past Type”.

If my boyfriend had called me, I would not talk to him right now because of my job but I would want to.

20 Conditional Sentences If Clause Mixed Type

1.If he as a president had built a subway system, people wouldn’t lose much time in the traffic today.

2.If she had passed the exam, she wouldn’t have to study now.

3.If I had been born in England, I could speak English very well.

4.If we hadn’t sold our house, we wouldn’t have to sit in a rental house now.

5.If she had stayed with her mother, she would not feel so lonely.

6.If Billy had called me, I would talk to him now.

7.If I were rich, I would have bought that Ferrari we saw yesterday.

8.If the passenger had hurried, he would catch the train now.

9.If he were my real friend, he would have called me yesterday.

10.If we saw him again, we would have told him the truth.

11.If I had a lot of money, I wouldn’t have walked too much and I will take a taxi to the office.

12.If you were intelligent, you would have won the university exam last year.

13.If she trusted him, she would have married with him.

14.If you weren’t afraid of me, you wouldn’t have tried to lie to me.

15.If Marry liked Susan, she would have gone to the birthday party last night.

16.If the teacher were here, she would have turned on the heater this morning.

17.If I had won the lottery, I would be rich.

18.If you had learned how to use mixed conditionals already, you wouldn’t need to watch this lesson.

19.If I had more money, I would have gone to France.

20.If I was a good cook, I’d have invited them to lunch.