10 example of compound words

10 example of compound words

Compound Words

It is possible to create compound words by joining two or more words together to make a new phrase. Compound nouns are a constant and everyday element of speaking, writing, and reading in English. We use them so much that sometimes we don’t even realize that they are compound nouns.

Compound nouns are classified into three categories:

Open Compounds: This sort of compound noun is generated by combining two different words that operate as though they are a single entity in terms of grammatical structure. In contrast to a noun phrase, this sort of compound noun differs from a noun phrase in that one word is not acting as a modifier for another. For example, the compound noun “living room” refers to a type of room, whereas the distinct phrases “living and room” relate to a room that is alive.

Here are 950 Most Common Examples of Compound Words in English

Hyphenated Compounds: In many cases, this sort of compound noun is mistaken with the other two categories of a compound noun. It is very usual in newer or less frequently used words to combine two or more words with hyphens to make compound nouns. If a compound noun is composed of more than two words, hyphens will nearly always be used to separate the words. Mother-in-law is an example of this type of compound.

10 example of compound words