900 Collocations List in English

900 Collocations List in English


Collocations are used to express two or more words that are frequently used together in a single sentence or paragraph. It is often that when you substitute one of these words in a collocation with a comparable one, the resulting expression will sound weird, even though its meaning is technically the same. For example “do a favor” essentially means the same as “make a favor” but the second one sounds off.

Collocations can be used to express actions, emotions, and thoughts. Their use in casual conversation is both formal and informal; other varieties of English, such as business and professional English, have their own set of colloquial expressions.

Collocations enable us to talk more fluently and practically. If you learn to utilize the words in conjunction with the words that they are used with, rather than learning the words one at a time, is advantageous. In the same way that employing idioms in a phrase has an influence on the listener, learning collections and appropriately using them has the same effect. It enables you to have a diverse and intelligible vocabulary as well as the ability to express one’s self in a variety of ways.

Collocations With MAKE

make an appointmentmake a fortune
make chargemake money
make an effortsmake friends
make a decisionmake fun of sby
make breakfastmake love
make lunchmake a mess
make dinnermake a mistake
make a choicemake a noise
make an exceptionmake a sound
make an excusemake a phone call
make plansmake a mistake
make progressmake a profit
make the bedmake a suggestion
make a wishmake an attempt
make a pointmake an offer
make a requestmake a mistake
make changesmake furniture
make paymentmake room
make clearmake trouble
make an excusemake a cake

Collocations With PAY

pay a billpay a fine
pay a visitpay someone a visit
pay attentionpay interest
pay the pricepay someone a compliment
pay cashpay handsomely
pay wellpay one’s respects
pay someone backpay for something
gross paypay by credit card

Collocations With SAVE

save electricitysave energy
save moneysave someone the trouble
save a penaltysave space
save timesave yourself the trouble
save livessave someone a seat
save a shortsave the environment
save somethingsave someone’s life
save one’s strengthsave something to a disk

Collocations With CATCH

catch a ballcatch a bus
catch a coldcatch a chill
catch someone by surprisecatch someone off guard
catch some rayscatch a whiff
catch the fluecatch a glimpse
catch someone at a bad timecatch someone’s attention
catch sight of sthcatch someone’s eye
catch a thiefcatch a train
catch someone red-bandedgood catch
catch (on) firecatch you later
catch your breathcatch the news
catch someone in the artplay catch

Collocations With KEEP

keep a secretkeep a promise
keep a diarykeep a journal
keep the changekeep score
keep your balancekeep someone in check
keep an appointmentkeep away
keep pacekeep calm
keep controlkeep the quite
keep recordskeep animals
keep someone’s keeperkeep up the good work
keep in touchkeep track of
keep tabs onkeep in mind
keep sth to yourselfkeep sth at bay
keep someonekeep someone’s place
keep someone postedkeep it up
keep it downkeep up
keep your jobkeep safe
keep someone companykeep sth on the down low
keep someone’s distance

Collocations With TIME

spend timewaste time
make time forsave time
free timehave a hard time
have timetake your time
on timejust in time
take time offrun out of time
stall for timepass the time
leisure timespare time
take your timethis/the same time tomorrow
to tell timeto keep time
precious timeset time
kill timehave a great time

Collocations With BREAK

break a bonebreak a code
break a habitbreak a law
break downbreak the news to someone
break a promisebreak a record
break a windowbreak ground
break new groundbreak someone’s heart
break the icebreak one’s fall
break a legbreak even
break loosebreak from tradition
break the rulesbreak the silence
break the spellbreak free
break upbreak the ice

Collocations With GO

go homego downtown
go abroadgo North
go Southgo party
go cinemago bank
go a hikego a drink
go a coffeego a meal
go a restgo a nap
go a ridego a drive
go a swimgo a walk
go a rungo doctor’s
go mountainsgo beach
go lakego port
go airportgo supermarket
go a safarigo an adventure
go a cruisego a trip
go holidaygo meeting
go conferencego gig
go concertgo Asia
go Europego prison
go universitygo college

Collocations With HAVE

have a showerhave a bath
have a washhave a scrub
have a resthave a break
have a naphave a snooze
have a lie downhave a dream
have a holidayhave a day off
have a partyhave fun
have a haircuthave a shave
have a chathave a decision
have a conversationhave a talk
have an argumenthave a dispute
have a fight have a quarrel
have a lecturehave a walk
have a joghave a run
have a swimhave a stretch
have a gamehave a dance
have a drillhave a lesson
have a thinkhave a meal
have luncha snack
have a coffeehave a sweet

Collocations With TAKE

take part in sth.take time
take a looktake a bath
take a showertake a break
take a chancetake a picture
take a seattake notes
take caretake a break
take classtake a rest
take a taxitake an exam
take care oftake your time
take a decisiontake a bite
take a bowtake advice
take a hiketake a risk
take a surveytake the bus
take medicinetake a trip
take parttake lessons
take my placetake a long time
take effecttake cover
take it seriouslytake a vacation
take it aparttake heart
take a coursetake a sit

Collocations With DO

do businessdo nothing
do the cookingdo the housework
do the shoppingdo your best
do your hairdo home work
do damagedo laundry
do the dishesdo harm
do gooddo the exam
do anythingdo a good job
do your choresdo everything
do sportdo well
do the ironingdo the cleaning
do badlydo business
do exercisesdo a job
do an interviewdo  your make-up
do researchdo the dishes
do an operationdo work
do the math do the maximum
do a favourdo a deal
do cleaningdo account
do a drawingdo friends

Collocations With GET

get a callget a joke
get a ticketget a letter
get a coldget a shock
get a darkget a clue
get a tanget a job
get out of breathget drunk
get startedget fired
get coolget pregnant
get hungryget one’s hair cut
get togetherget a right
get dressedget upsed
get divorcedget changed
haveget ready forget the impression
get into troubleget wet
get goodget worried
get a chanceget lost
get permissionget stuck
get a degreeget to sleep
get homeget married
get nowhere

Collocations With COME

come closecome complete with
come earlycome first
come into viewcome late
come lastcome to a compromise
come to life come second
come to decisioncome to a total of
come to an endcome to an agreement
come directcome cheap
come to a stopcome into sth.
come clean aboutcome under attack
come up withcome to life
come preparedcome to a realization
come to terms withcome in last
come on timecome to power
come right backcome to sb’s rescue
come to a conclusion