500 Collocation Words, Common Collocations List

500 Collocation Words, Common Collocations List

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Collocations are used to express two or more words that are frequently used together in a single sentence or paragraph. It is often that when you substitute one of these words in a collocation with a comparable one, the resulting expression will sound weird, even though its meaning is technically the same. For example “do a favor” essentially means the same as “make a favor” but the second one sounds off.

Collocations can be used to express actions, emotions, and thoughts. Their use in casual conversation is both formal and informal; other varieties of English, such as business and professional English, have their own set of colloquial expressions.

Collocations enable us to talk more fluently and practically. If you learn to utilize the words in conjunction with the words that they are used with, rather than learning the words one at a time, is advantageous. In the same way that employing idioms in a phrase has an influence on the listener, learning collections and appropriately using them has the same effect. It enables you to have a diverse and intelligible vocabulary as well as the ability to express one’s self in a variety of ways.

500 Common Collocations

1.say goodbye

2.say nothing

3.say something

4.say yes/no

5.say no more

6.say a few words

7.say hello

8.say sorry

9.say a prayer

10.say thank you

11.say a word

12.say for certain/sure

13.play game

14.play part

15.play basketball

16.play hockey

17.play like

18.play music

19.play chess

20.play along

21.play trick

22.play tennis

23.play squash

24.play again

25.play volleyball

26.play board games

27.play role

28.play card

29.play rugby

30.play over

31.play time

32.play baseball

33.play snooker

34.play well

35.play other

36.play cricket

37.play little

38.play football

39.play golf

40.play badminton

41.grow up

42.grow hair

43.grow older

44.grow wiser

45.grow fruit

46.grow 2 inches

47.grow out of something

48.grow leisure time

49.grow quickly

50.grow slowly

51.begin to grow

52.grow wiser

53.grow up on something

54.grow a bread

55.grow a moustache

56.grow stronger

57.grow a tree

58.grow vegetables

59.grow together

60.grow well

61.grow 4 centimetres

62.grow out

63.grow wheat

64.grow tired of something

65.love life

66.fall in love

67.love affair

68.true love

69.love letter

70.loved one

71.love song

72.first love

73.young love

74.love poem

75.give a call

76.give a damn

77.give a choice

78.give a hug

79.give a ring

80.give a lift

81.give a speech

82.give a ride

83.give an answer

84.give an idea

85.give a quess

86.give an opinion

87.give credit

88.give notice

89.give priority

90.give information

91.give lessons

92.give a chance

93.give a hand

94.give a headache

95.give a kiss

96.give a description

97.give a lecture

98.give a performance

99.give an advice

100.give an example

101.give a buzz

102.give a trip

103.give birth

104.give evidence

105.give permission

106.give rise to

107.give a lead

108.give the impression

109.carry passangers

110.carry the victory

111.carry off

112.carry cargo

113.carry baby

114.carry out

115.carry virus

116.carry on

117.carry over

118.lose weight

119.lose money

120.lose the way

121.lose one’s mind

122.lose the match

123.lose a game

124.lose a best

125.lose one’s temper

126.lose something

127.lose consciousness

128.lose one’s something

129.lose a family member

130.get a call

131.get a joke

132.get a ticket

133.get a letter

134.get a cold

135.get a shock

136.get a dark

137.get a clue

138.get a tan

139.get a job

140.get out of breath

141.get drunk

142.get started

143.get fired

144.get cool

145.get pregnant

146.get hungry

147.get one’s hair cut

148.get together

149.get a right

150.get dressed

151.get upsed

152.get divorced

153.get changed

154.get ready for

155.get the impression

156.get into trouble

157.get wet

158.get good

159.get worried

160.get a chance

161.get lost

162.get permission

163.get stuck

164.get a degree

165.get to sleep

166.have a shower

167.have a bath

168.have a wash

169.have a scrub

170.have a rest

171.have a break

172.have a nap

173.have a snooze

174.have a lie down

175.have a dream

176.have a holiday

177.have a day off

178.have a party

179.have fun

180.have a  haircut

181.have a  shave

182.have a chat

183.have a decision

184.have a conversation

185.have a talk

186.have an argument

187.have a dispute

188.have a fight

189.have a quarrel

190.have a lecture

191.have a walk

192.have a jog

193.have a run

194.have a swim

195.have a stretch

196.have a game

197.have a dance

198.have a drill

199.have a lesson

200.have a think

201.have a meal

202.go a run

203.go doctor’s

204.go mountains

205.go beach

206.go lake

207.go port

208.go airport

209.go supermarket

210.go a safari

211.go an adventure

212.go a cruise

213.go a trip

214.go holiday

215.go meeting

216.go conference

217.go gig

218.go concert

219.go Asia

220.go home

221.go downtown

222.go abroad

223.go North

224.go South

225.go party

226.go cinema

227.go bank

228.go a hike

229.go a drink

230.go a coffee

231.go a meal

232.go a rest

233.go a nap

234.go a ride

235.go a drive

236.go a swim

237.go a walk

238.break a bone

239.break a code

240.break a habit

241.break a law

242.break down

243.break the news to someone

244.break a promise

245.break a record

246.break a window

247.break ground

248.break new ground

249.break someone’s heart

250.break the ice

251.break one’s fall

252.break a leg

253.break even

254.break loose

255.break from tradition

256.break the rules

257.break the silence

258.break the spell

259.break free

260.break up

261.break the ice

262.make plans

263.make a mistake

264.make progress

265.make a profit

266.make the bed

267.make a suggestion

268.make a wish

269.make an attempt

270.make a point

271.make an offer

272.make a request

273.make a mistake

274.make changes

275.make furniture

276.make payment

277.make room

278.make clear

279.make trouble

280.make an excuse

281.make a cake

282.make an appointment

283.make a fortune

284.make charge

285.make money

286.make an efforts

287.make friends

288.make a decision

289.make fun of sby

290.make breakfast

291.make love

292.make lunch

293.make a mess

294.make dinner

295.make a mistake

296.make a choice

297.make a noise

298.make an exception

299.make a sound

300.make an excuse

301.make a phone call

302.do the ironing

303.do the cleaning

304.do badly

305.do business

306.do exercises

307.do a job

308.do an interview

309.do your make-up

310.do research

311.do the dishes

312.do an operation

313.do work

314.do the math

315.do the maximum

316.do a favour

317.do a deal

318.do cleaning

319.do account

320.do a drawing

321.do friends

322.do business

323.do nothing

324.do the cooking

325.do the housework

326.do the shopping

327.do your best

328.do your hair

329.do home work

330.do damage

331.do laundry

332.do the dishes

333.do harm

334.do good

335.do the exam

336.do anything

337.do a good job

338.do your chores

339.do everything

340.do sport

341.do well

342.come close

343.come complete with

344.come early

345.come first

346.come into view

347.come late

348.come last

349.come to a compromise

350.come to life

351.come second

352.come to decision

353.come to a total of

354.come to an end

355.come to an agreement

356.come direct

357.come cheap

358.come to a stop

359.come into sth.

360.come clean about

361.come under attack

362.come up with

363.come to life

364.come prepared

365.come to a realization

366.come to terms with

367.come in last

368.come on time

369.come to power

370.come right back

371.come to sb’s rescue

372.take part in sth.

373.take time

374.take a look

375.take a bath

376.take a shower

377.take a break

378.take a chance

379.take a picture

380.take a seat

381.take notes

382.take care

383.take a break

384.take class

385.take a rest

386.take a taxi

387.take an exam

388.take care of

389.take your time

390.take a decision

391.take a bite

392.take a bow

393.take advice

394.take a hike

395.take a risk

396.take a survey

397.take the bus

398.take medicine

399.take a trip

400.take part

401.take lessons

402.take my place

403.take a long time

404.take effect

405.take cover

406.take it seriously

407.take a vacation

408.keep in touch

409.keep track of

410.keep tabs on

411.keep in mind

412.keep sth to yourself

413.keep someone

414.keep someone’s place

415.keep someone posted

416.keep it up

417.keep it down

418.keep up

419.keep your job

420.keep safe

421.keep someone company

422.keep sth on the down low

423.keep a secret

424.keep a promise

425.keep a diary

426.keep a journal

427.keep the change

428.keep score

429.keep your balance

430.keep someone in check

431.keep an appointment

432.keep away

433.keep pace

434.keep calm

435.keep the quite

436.keep records

437.keep animals

438.save electricity

439.save energy

440.save money

441.save someone the trouble

442.save a penalty

443.save space

444.save time

445.save yourself the trouble

446.save lives

447.save someone a seat

448.save a short

449.save the environment

450.save something

451.save someone’s life

452.save one’s strength

453.save something to a disk

454.pay a bill

455.pay a fine

456.pay a visit

457.pay someone a visit

458.pay attention

459.pay interest

460.pay the price

461.pay someone a compliment

462.pay cash

463.pay handsomely

464.pay well

465.pay one’s respects

466.pay someone back

467.pay for something

468.gross pay

469.pay by credit card

470.catch a ball

471.catch a bus

472.catch a cold

473.catch a chill

474.catch someone by surprise

475.catch someone off guard

476.catch some rays

477.catch a whiff

478.catch the flue

479.catch a glimpse

480.catch someone at a bad time

481.catch someone’s attention

482.catch sight of sth

483.catch someone’s eye

484.catch a thief

485.pass the time

486.leisure time

487.spare time

488.take your time

489.to tell time

490.precious time

491.set time

492.kill time

493.spend time

494.waste time

495.make time for

496.save time

497.free time

498.have a hard time

499.have time

500.take your time