100 Collocation Words, Common Collocations List

100 Collocation Words, Common Collocations List

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Collocations are used to express two or more words that are frequently used together in a single sentence or paragraph. It is often that when you substitute one of these words in a collocation with a comparable one, the resulting expression will sound weird, even though its meaning is technically the same. For example “do a favor” essentially means the same as “make a favor” but the second one sounds off.

Collocations can be used to express actions, emotions, and thoughts. Their use in casual conversation is both formal and informal; other varieties of English, such as business and professional English, have their own set of colloquial expressions.

Collocations enable us to talk more fluently and practically. If you learn to utilize the words in conjunction with the words that they are used with, rather than learning the words one at a time, is advantageous. In the same way that employing idioms in a phrase has an influence on the listener, learning collections and appropriately using them has the same effect. It enables you to have a diverse and intelligible vocabulary as well as the ability to express one’s self in a variety of ways.

100 Common Collocations

1.play football

2.play golf

3.play badminton

4.grow up

5.grow hair

6.grow older

7.grow wiser

8.grow fruit

9.grow 2 inches

10.grow out of something

11.grow leisure time

12.grow quickly

13.grow slowly

14.begin to grow

15.grow wiser

16.grow up on something

17.grow a bread

18.grow a moustache

19.grow stronger

20.grow a tree

21.grow vegetables

22.grow together

23.grow well

24.grow 4 centimetres

25.grow out

26.grow wheat

27.grow tired of something

28.love life

29.fall in love

30.love affair

31.true love

32.love letter

33.loved one

34.love song

35.first love

36.young love

37.love poem

38.give a call

39.give a damn

40.give a choice

41.give a hug

42.give a ring

43.give a lift

44.give a speech

45.give a ride

46.give an answer

47.give an idea

48.give a quess

49.give an opinion

50.give credit

51.give notice

52.give priority

53.give information

54.give lessons

55.give a chance

56.give a hand

57.give a headache

58.give a kiss

59.give a description

60.give a lecture

61.give a performance

62.give an advice

63.give an example

64.give a buzz

65.give a trip

66.give birth

67.give evidence

68.give permission

69.give rise to

70.give a lead

71.give the impression

72.carry passangers

73.carry the victory

74.carry off

75.carry cargo

76.carry baby

77.carry out

78.carry virus

79.carry on

80.carry over

81.lose weight

82.lose money

83.lose the way

84.lose one’s mind

85.lose the match

86.lose a game

87.lose a best

88.lose one’s temper

89.lose something

90.lose consciousness

91.lose one’s something

92.lose a family member

93.get a call

94.get a joke

95.get a ticket

96.get a letter

97.get a cold

98.get a shock

99.get a dark

100.get a clue