What are The Indefinite Articles? Indefinite Articles Definition and Example Sentences

What are The Indefinite Articles? Indefinite Articles Definition and Examples Sentences


What is an indefinite article?

An article is a term that, without explaining it, identifies a portion of speech as a noun (or noun equivalent). An indefinite article refers to a noun without defining it or that refers to a noun for the first time. The indefinite article “an” is used in the sentence I noticed a dog at the park, for example. The article ”a” comes before the word dog, but it doesn’t say what breed of dog it is or any other information about it.


There are two indefinite articles in English: “a” and “an”. A word that begins with a consonant is preceded by the letter a, whereas a word that begins with an “a” vowel is preceded by the letter “an”. Consider the following scenario:

  • Her sister found a penny on the ground. (P is a consonant.)
  • Her brother ate an apple. (A is a vowel.)


Articles, such as “a” and “an”, function similarly to adjectives in that they only alter nouns or noun-like words and phrases. Other modifiers, such as adjectives or adverbs, are usually placed after articles. Consider the following scenario:

  • Incorrect: She dressed up as really spooky a ghost for Halloween.
  • Correct: She dressed up as a really spooky ghost for Halloween.


It’s vital to note that whether you use “a” or “an” depends on the word that comes after the article, which may or may not be the noun it modifies. Consider the following scenario:

  • Kydae is a
  • Kydae is an energetic girl.


Indefinite articles in a sentence

The following phrases demonstrate how “a” and “an” are used. You’ll note that the word that comes right after it determines which article we use.

  • A monkey stole my peanuts.
  • They saw an airplane fly across the sky.
  • The sushi chef-prepared meals for a hungry crowd.
  • It was an early morning for him.


What is the role of indefinite articles?

“A” and “an” are two words that appear frequently in sentences. Let’s take a look at two of the most important functions that indefinite articles can play.


Use a noun to begin

Indefinite articles are frequently used to introduce a noun to a reader or listener for the first time. We may then use the definite article to show that we’re talking about that specific object once it’s been introduced. Consider the following scenario:

  • My mother took a book off of the shelf. She said to me that the book was pretty heavy.
  • We saw a flock of birds. The birds were looking for food in this scary and hot place.


Refer to items that aren’t specified

We may wish to refer to something without naming it. Giving detailed information about anything, for example, maybe useless or superfluous. In this scenario, we can refer to the noun with “a” or “an”. Consider the following scenario:

  • My little daughter wants a little cat. I think I’ll get her one because a cat would make a very good friend. (The specifics of the little cat don’t matter because the speaker is referring to a cat that they don’t have yet.)