Pet Animals, Popular Pet Animals Names List

Pet Animals, Popular Pet Animals Names List

Pet Animals Name

There is no doubt that pets are our most sincere and innocent friends in our homes in our daily lives. These pets, which can be sometimes a bird, sometimes a rodent, sometimes a cat or a dog, and which can be increased in number, have different characteristics from each other. We have been with them since ancient times. Now let’s give some examples of these pets and examine them together.



Dogs, a domesticated carnivore of the Canidae family, most closely resemble wolves from the wild. Dogs, which are loyal companions for humans, are also some of the animals that people trust the most.



Cats are a domesticated breed of small carnivorous mammals. Cats in our house are the only domesticated species in the Felidae family and are often referred to as domestic cats from the wild members of their family. These little friends, whom we know with their mavericks, love to drink milk and eat fish. They can jump up to twice their height, and our domestic cats can sometimes prey on flies or insects they find in their home environment.



Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha. They are generally known for their sweet puffs, long ears, and jumping. In addition, they are fast and agile animals. Today, they are mostly identified with carrots as food.



Being reptiles of the order Chelonia or Testudines, turtles known for a special bony/cartilaginous assimilation developed on their ribs are generally known for their slow movement and long lifespan.



Fish are the most familiar creatures that live in water. The fish we can keep at home are freshwater fish. Their lives are completely dependent on water, and although they are generally known for their short memory, they do not have as short a memory as one might think.



Mice are known for their pointed snouts, small and rounded ears, long and scaly tails, and high reproductive rates. They are often associated with cheese as a food and can often be found in homes and farmland.



Hamsters, which are small rodents like mice, look just like mice, but there are big differences between them. It becomes elongated when skinned by hand and is playful on the body. Their tails are covered in short hairs. It has four toes on its front feet and five toes on its hind feet.



It is a distinctive and highly functional branch of the ancient lizard world. They are known for changing color in their natural habitat.



Horses are one of the first domesticated animals. They are very loyal animals to their owners. Since the ancient times of humanity, it has been very beneficial for us both in terms of carrying loads and traveling. These animals, which can become quite wild in their own lives, are very beautiful and pleasant creatures when they live with people.



It is an animal of the genus Sus with even-toed ungulates from the family Suidae. Pigs are not very hygienic animals. They usually eat the waste materials excreted from the body and prefer to roll in the mud to cool off because they cannot sweat.



Pigeons are birds with a full body, short legs, and almost smooth plumage. Their interactions with humans date back many years. So much so that for some time, people benefited greatly from pigeons for communication purposes. At the same time, the dove is a symbol of peace in some cultures. They belong to the Columbidae family of the order Columbiformes.



Parrots are colorful birds. They are generally known for their mimicry abilities and also imitate people’s speech. They have red beaks and generally greenish plumage. If something attacks them, they may bite their fingers.