Forest Animals, Forest Animals Names List and Examples

Forest Animals, Forest Animals Names List and Examples

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Forest Animals

Although many of us think of greenery and trees when we say forest, these are not the only ones in the forest. In addition to greenery and trees, some animal species also live in forests. The animals that live in the forest and have to live in the forests are called wild animals. Animals that are considered wild animals and that live in the forest have instinctive methods to survive in natural life. Now let’s talk about some of these wild animals living in the forests.

Fox: Foxes are animals that prefer to live especially in the countryside, forests, or fields. They usually build their nests in tree hollows or on the ground in the forest. They can feed on chickens, birds, rabbits, insects, and fish. It is a solitary animal. Unlike wolves, they prefer to hunt and live alone, as opposed to moving in packs.

Brown bear: Their length generally varies between one and a half meters. They are carnivorous creatures. It is a great threat to people who make a living with livestock because animals such as cows and sheep are prey sources for grizzly bears.

Deer: Deer with more than one species; feed on leaves, grass, tubers, roots, grains and stems, seeds, and fruits. Compared to many animals living in the forest, their eyesight is highly developed. They generally live in pine forests or mountain foothills, but since their climbing abilities are not very good, forests are more suitable areas for them to live in.

Gray wolf: Wolves, the largest known members of the canine family, weigh between seventy-nine and ninety-eight kilograms. They are mostly known for moving in packs. They are carnivorous creatures and besides, their hunting skills are very developed. Wolves generally have a diet consisting of wild animals such as deer and buffalo, as well as other domestic animals such as cattle and sheep. Their average lifespan is six to eight years.

Porcupines with arrows: Porcupines with arrows are animals with a larger body, longer spines, and different colors compared to the hedgehogs we can see in cities. Contrary to popular belief, porcupines do not shoot their arrows;

Gazelle: Gazelles are generally known for their attractive and graceful bodies, agility, beautiful eyes, and high-speed abilities. Gazelles have a very large living space. The horns of gazelles, which are a species of antelope, are generally bow-shaped and their eyes are large. Its color is similar to the color of the earth. It is known that these agile animals with beautiful and slender appearances live an average of 10 years. The most obvious feature that distinguishes male gazelles from females is that males have horns.

Step lynx: Also known as a caracal, it resembles a miniature lion due to its beautiful lively appearance, but it is one of the cutest predatory cats of the forests with its tassel-like ears and black stripes from its eyes to its nose. These animals, which can hunt prey that are two or three times their own size, can jump up to four to five meters with their powerful hind legs and can catch their flying prey even in the air.

Above, we gave examples of some animal species living in forests. Of course, the animals living in the forests are much more than we have counted, and the animals we have counted have much more than the features we have mentioned.