Animal Group Names From A to Z

Animal Group Names From A to Z

Bees: a grist, hive or swarm

Caterpillars: an army

Clams: a bed

Cockroaches: an intrusion

Flies: a business

Grasshoppers: a cloud

Lions: a pride or sawt

Martens: a richness

Moles: a labor

Monkeys: a troop or barrel

Mules: a pack, span or barren

Jellyfish: a bloom, flutter or smack

Lobsters: a risk

Oysters: a bed

Snails: a hood

Squid: an audience

Apes: a shrewdness

Badgers: a cete

Otters: a romp

Rhinoceroses: a crash

Squirrels: a dray or scurry

Tigers: an ambush or streak

Bats: a cauldron

Bears: a sloth or sleuth

Finches: a charm

Flamingos: a stand

Geese: a flock

Grouse: a pack

Hawks: a cast

Herons: a sedge or siege

Jays: a party or scold

Lapwings: a deceit

Larks: an exaltation

Partridge: a covey

Rooks: a building

Quail: a bevy or covey

Ravens: an unkindness

Snipe: a walk or wisp

Sparrows: a host

Starlings: a murmuration

Storks: a mustering

Swans: a bevy

Teal: a spring

Turkeys: a rafter or gang

Woodcocks: a fall

Woodpeckers: a descent

Cobras: a quiver

Crocodiles: a bask

Frogs: an army

Bitterns: a sedge

Buzzards: a wake

Bobolinks: a chain

Coots: a cover

Cormorants: a gulp

Buffalo: a gang or obstinacy

Cats: a clowder, pounce or glaring

Dogs: a litter , pack

Donkeys: a pace

Elephants: a parade

Elk: a gang

Ferrets: a business

Fox: a leash, skulk or earth

Giraffes: a tower

Goats: a tribe or trip

Gorillas: a band

Hippopotamuses: a bloat or thunder

Hyenas: a cackle

Jaguars: a shadow

Kangaroos: a troop or mob

Lemurs: a conspiracy

Leopards: a leap

Whales: a pod, gam or herd

Crows: a murder or horde

Dotterel: a trip

Eagles: a convocation