7 Water Animals Names in English

7 Water Animals Names in English

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Water Animals

Water is the source of life. Almost every living thing we know either lives in water or somehow needs water to survive. When we observe nature, we see many different kinds of animals. Some of these are animals that can be kept at home, some live outside, in nature, and some live on farms and in the water. In this article, we will discuss animals that live in water. First, let’s start with fish, the first animal species that comes to mind when we say water, and take a look at other familiar species.

Fish: Fish make up the majority of aquatic animals. There are a large number of fish species and many fish species of different colors. We can say that all fish live in water. However, some live in oceans and salty seas, while others live in fresh waters. Freshwater fish live in rivers, streams and lakes. Examples of freshwater fish are trout, carp, pike and salmon. If we look at fish living in salt water, sharks and whales can be given as examples.

7 Water Animals