10 Wild Animals, Wild Animals Names List

10 Wild Animals, Wild Animals Names List

Wild Animals

As a zoological term, predators are animals that devour and eat other animals to feed on their meat. While some of these animals prefer to hunt alone, others may prefer to hunt in groups. Although scientifically defined in this way, “predators” among the people have become a name given to non-domestic animal species. Many predators are living on land and in the sea, and these animals even predate human history. So much so that the relatives of our cat, dog, and even our bird that we feed at home are predatory species. Now let’s give examples of predators.


We are no strangers to these predatory animals that live on land and can hunt almost any prey they catch their eye. These animals include species such as lions, tigers, cheetahs, pumas, and lynxes. They are generally known for being fast and strong. The animals mentioned are relatives of your kitten you keep at home.


Canids are common on every continent of the planet we live on. Dog, wolf, fox, and jackal species make up this family. It has a long, flat skull and usually has forty-two teeth. Some members have forty-four teeth. It is designed to break off and chew tooth and jaw fat. It is generally a carnivorous species.


Bears, another predatory species, are classified as “dog-like”, that is, “dog-like carnivores”. There are eight known species and they can be seen in a wide variety of habitats. Bears are known for their stocky-legged large bodies, long snouts, rounded ears, and short tails.


Although the common feature of most marten is the long and graceful body structure, the body of badgers and wolverines is larger. Many are brown or black in color. Some species have spots, stripes, or other motifs. Their legs and tails are short compared to their bodies.


Although their appearance is similar to dogs, they are included in the suborder of felines and, according to the ideas of scientists, are derived from the “musk cat family”. Today they are common in Africa and the lands of South and West Asia. They are known as scavengers.

10 Wild Animals, Wild Animals Names List