10 Sea Animals, Sea Animals Names List

10 Sea Animals, Sea Animals Names List

Sea ​​Animals

If you have just started learning English, of course, you know that you need to increase the number of words you know in English and improve your English vocabulary. When you want to talk about an animal in English, you need to know which animal it is and learn how to describe it. English is not complete without knowing the names of sea animals, so you should learn the names of sea animals correctly and do not delay learning this subject.

There are some marine animals that people encounter very often in daily life, and some of these marine animals live only in water, while others live both in water and on land. Read on to learn about marine animals that live both on land and in water, and on land and aquatic life, and review sample sentences.

Sea Animals Examples

Crab: Crabs, which are animals that have claws and hide under the sands of the beach, are usually orange and red in color.

When we went to the beach, we took a photo of the crabs under the sand and decided to keep it as a memory.

Seal: Seal, which usually lives in the poles, feeds on small fish. It is also known that these animals, which can swim underwater for a long time, breathe through the lungs.

When we went to the zoo, the caretaker in the zoo was giving fish to the seals.

Octopus: Octopus with many arms and two hearts are creatures that can be big enough to sink ships and live in the depths of the ocean.

I can’t go fishing with my friends because I’m afraid of octopuses.

Dolphin: One of the most intelligent mammals, dolphins belong to the whale family and have a hole on their back through which they spray water. Although they resemble whales in shape, they are many times smaller than whales.

In a video I watched, the little girl was dropping her toy into a pool with a dolphin, and the dolphin was returning the girl’s toy to her.

Seahorse: Unlike other animals, the seahorse, whose males give birth, is one of the sweetest animals you can see in the sea. These animals, which resemble the letter S in shape, also have a mane.

I was very surprised when I learned that men of sea horses give birth and it was very interesting to me.