Linking Adverbs List, Meaning and Example Sentences

Linking Adverbs List, Meaning and Example Sentences


Meaning / Synonym: with respect to, therefore

Example Sentences:

  • My son failed the exam; accordingly, he is so upset.
  • Accordinglythe more people are happy, the more they connect to life.



Meaning / Synonym: too, additionally, besides

Example Sentences:

  • She speaks French and also speaks English.
  • This question is also difficult.



Meaning / Synonym: as well, in addition

Example Sentences:

  • What do you like besidesthe apple?
  • My father is nice to everyone besidesme.


Meaning / Synonym: as a result, last, hereby

Example Sentences:

  • I was very tired and consequentlycouldn’t join them.
  • My mother worked hard to compete and consequentlyshe was first in the competition.


Meaning / Synonym: backwards, inversely, backward

Example Sentences:

  • We thought the weather would be nice; converselyIt snowed yesterday.



Meaning / Synonym: at last, eventually. It introduces a final point.

Example Sentences:

  • The bus finallyarrived.



Meaning / Synonym: It means “also”, “additionally”, “besides”.

Example Sentences:

  • He is very clever, furthermore, his father is very rich.
  • I like play football. Furthermore, I like play volleyball.



Meaning / Synonym: but, yet, nevertheless, on the other hand

Example Sentences:

  • Mary is very hungry. However, she don’t any food.