Adverbs of Frequency and Example Sentences

Adverbs of Frequency and Example Sentences

Adverbs, verbs, or predicates that you often come across in sentences in English characterize the situation, tense, or few-many. Some adverbs are the same as adjectives, and some words need to be added to the end to make them adverbs.

Table of Contents

Types of Adverbs

  • Conjunctive adverbs
  • Adverbs of frequency
  • Adverbs of time
  • Adverbs of manner
  • Adverbs of degree
  • Adverbs of place
100%ALWAYSEveryone always speaks well of Mark.

USUALLYShe usually fed her cat cheap cat food.
80%GENERALLYA sentence normally has a subject and a verb.
70%OFTENI used to often take walks along that road.
50%SOMETIMESMarried people sometimes wish they were single.
30%OCCASIONALLYoccasionally eat meat.
15%SELDOMMy father seldom watches TV at night.
5%RARELYHe rarely makes a mistake.
0%NEVERnever forget a face.