20 Adverb of Place Examples Sentences, Adverbs of Place List

20 Adverb of Place Examples Sentences, Adverbs of Place List

Adverb of Place

Adverbs of place are used to modify to tell where an act or event is happening in a sentence. In other words, they tell us where things happen. Adverbs of place are usually placed immediately after the main verb or sentence they are describing.

Adverbs of place do not modify adjectives and other adverbs. Many adverbs can also be used as prepositions. Hence, when they are used as a preposition in a sentence, the noun comes after them.

20 Adverb of Place Examples Sentences

1.Maya looked around but she couldn’t notice her phone was right in front of her.

2.I literally searched everywhere that mankind knows.

3.I’m going back to work.

4.Come in!

5.What is she doing up there by herself?

6.Freddie, come over here quickly and see what I did!

7.You are hiding down there under the table like a spineless coward.

8. Here comes the sun!

9.Yes, I’ve found it. There it is!

10. Here you are!

11.They must arrive here by tomorrow.

12.I guess he lives somewhere in India.

13.Sorry, I’m going to miss the reunion. I went abroad yesterday via an urgent call.

14.She is sleeping upstairs.
Please be quiet.

15.I went out.

16.I knew that he would turn back.

17.Let’s study in the library tonight.

18.Look outside.

19.Let’s hide behind the curtain like puppets!

20.Please put the jewelry on the case.