Describing Words, Definition and Examples with Sentences

Describing Words, Definition and Examples with Sentences

Describing Words

In our daily life, we are in constant communication with the people around us. Sometimes when meeting someone new, we mutually introduce ourselves, sometimes we ask someone for directions or give directions to someone who asks for directions, sometimes we need to describe something to someone else that they have not seen or can’t remember before. There are certain words that we use while making all these recipes. These words can vary according to what we are describing and the way we describe it. If we are describing a person and want to talk about his or her physical characteristics, for example, that person is blonde, “He has long, wavy and blond hair.” We can make a sentence like If we are going to talk about the characteristics of that person, “He is a very emotional and honest person.” We can make a sentence like If we are describing our house to someone, for example, “My house is on the second floor of the red building opposite the bank on Main Street.” we can say. Now let’s multiply these examples.



  • Where is Abraham’s house?
  • Abraham’s house is in the gray building behind the post office on the seventh street.

Describing Words Essay Example

My name is Julia Star. I am a twenty-one-year-old college student. I’m tall and I can’t say I’m overweight. My eyes are brown. My hair color is red. My hair is short and wavy. I can’t say that I have a very emotional personality, I am generally a logical thinker. People around me describe me as honest, friendly, and docile. I like to listen to music since childhood and I am also interested in musical instruments. I can play the violin, piano, and guitar. I don’t read many books because reading is boring for me. I love watching TV series and movies. So much so that I watch an average of 3 movies and 20 episodes per week. I usually prefer romantic movies and science fiction-themed series, but I have also watched horror-themed movies or TV series. My biggest dream is to be a musician.

  • Where did Samuel park his car?
  • Samuel parked his car on the third floor of the car park two blocks back.
  • Can you describe to me your feelings?
  • Yes, of course, I can. I’ve been isolating myself from a lot of things these days and I think I’m about to get depressed.

We used the location description in the first and third of the above examples. We often use certain words more than others when describing a location. These are words like “opposite, across, behind, next to, next to, in front of” and the number of these words can of course be multiplied. Although our subject is to describe the location of something, the words we use can vary according to the characteristics and location of the thing we are describing. In the second example given, we sampled a person introducing himself.

The person introducing himself mentioned his physical features, characteristics, hobbies, and dreams. This description specifies the characteristics that distinguish him from other people. We can think of it this way, when you introduce yourself to a person, you don’t mention that you have a mouth, lips, legs. Because they are in every human being. Therefore, these features are quite insufficient to distinguish you from other people. Likewise, when you describe your house as a building with buildings around it, it is completely inadequate because there are other buildings around almost all buildings and this will not be understood by your interlocutor.