8 Types of Compound Adjectives and Example Sentences

8 Types of Compound Adjectives and Example Sentences

Number+ noun: four-minute, one-way, ten-page, two-hour etc.

  • We are responsible for a ten-pageassignment.

Adjective+ noun: long-term, high-quality, last-minute etc.

  • This week we covered long-termmemory in learning psychology.

Adjective + present participle: easy-going, good-looking, slow-moving etc.

  • She is the most easy-going child in school.

Noun + present participle: english-speaking, time-saving, record-breaking etc.

  • This is an English-speakingcountry. Other languages are spoken more rarely.

Noun + adjective: smoke- free, ice- cold, gluten- free, family- friendly etc.

  • The cafe on the main street is a smoking-freevenue.

Noun + past participle: water-cooled, middle-age, wind-powered etc.

  • All of the breads made in this oven are gluten-free.

Adverb+ past participle: well-known, highly-respected etc.

  • The man who is performing today is a well-knownperson.

Adjective+ past participle: long- forgotten, short-lived, ready-made etc.

  • Butterflies are short-livedanimals.