Types of Sentences with Examples

Types of Sentences with Examples

Types Of Sentences

There are 4 different types of sentences in the English language. These sentence types are known as declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences. It would be correct to include various sentence types in the articles in terms of the intelligibility of the sentences. It will also enable you to use your ideas effectively to convey sentences in the best possible way. You should read examples of each sentence type with explanations. Thus, you will be able to understand the purpose of sentence types.

Declarative Sentence Types

Declarative sentence types are known as the most basic sentences. The purpose of this type of sentence is known as conveying information. This type of sentence ending with a period is used to indicate basic expressions.

  • The baby walked towards the house.
  • I love chestnuts.
  • My mother is a doctor.
  • She loves to eat cake, but she knew she was allergic to cake.
  • He was planning to go to Paris for a vacation and was looking forward to visiting there.
  • Henry loves sledding, so he is always waiting for the winter season.
  • He ordered a latte when he went to the cafe for coffee.
  • Although squirrels are far from humans, cats do not leave humans’ surroundings.
  • Emily started a new job because she was dissatisfied with her previous job.
  • She liked to sunbathe on the beach, so she stayed there until the sun went down.

Interrogative Sentence Types

Interrogative sentence types include questioning and questioning. Examples of these sentences are below:

  • Why is the sun so bright?
  • Whose item is this?
  • Will Henry keep all of his money?
  • Who are you and entering my house?
  • Did you cheat in the exam because you were unprepared?

Examples of Exclamation Sentence Types

Exclamation sentences are preferred to express strong emotions. Because they provide information, these sentences are similar to declarative sentences. However, these sentences end with an exclamation point instead of a dot. Examples on this subject are given below.

  • I said I wanted to eat fast food!
  • What a good speech he had!
  • He knew he wanted to visit Paris, so we arranged for him a vacation!
  • You scared me because you were riding a motorcycle without a helmet!
  • I look forward to your good news!
  • Wow, I won the prize!

Mandatory Sentence Type Examples

Mandatory sentences are used when telling someone to do something. It can be in the form of powerful commands. In these sentences, an exclamation point may be required to emphasize emotions. Examples are below:

  • You have to stop bothering me!
  • Put down your phone and listen to me now!
  • There was an accident, but calm down.
  • Start helping the house when you finish playing.