5 Examples of Mass Nouns in Sentences

5 Examples of Mass Nouns in Sentences

Mass Noun

Community nouns are nouns used to describe a group of people, animals, or a group of things. Let’s give some examples of this.








Although community names include much more than the examples we have listed above, they are generally like these. Let’s talk about some of the community names used for people.

A band of singers

A gang of thieves

A panel of experts

A choir of musicians

A class of students

A board of managers

A pack of thieves

5 Examples of Mass Nouns in Sentences

1.Let’s give examples to understand mass noun grammar subject.

2.Ever since I moved to London, I have been calling my family on the phone all the time.

3.I bought my girlfriend Mary a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day.

4.Mike was re-elected class vice president with forty-one votes.

5.In some cultures, word of mouth in public is a disgrace.