20 idioms with their meanings and sentences

20 idioms with their meanings and sentences

The apple of someone’s eye

At the present moment; for now

Kill two birds with one stone

Get two things done at once

Loaded for bear

Prepared for problems, well prepared for a challenge

Against The Run Of Play

Atypical of the way a game has been going

Hit the Ground Running

To begin a job or project with no learning period needed

Come Out Swinging

Respond to something very aggressively

Money to burn

Extra money to spend however one likes

Get a run for one’s money

to receive a challenge, to receive what one deserves

To cut your losses

To stop doing something for avoid loosing money

A shoulder to cry on
someone who listens to your problems

Friends in high places
has friends who have important or influential positions

to know someone inside out
to know someone very well

to build bridges
to promote friendly relations between people or groups

One big happy family

A group of people who live or work together or in close proximity

Money talks

In a case, it means a statement stating that the money has more money.

Be common knowledge

It’s common knowledge that she is a beautiful girl.


As far as anyone knows

As far as anyone knows, this is the last of the great herds of buffalo.

Under one’s belt

She has almost a year as minister under her belt.

Pick his brain

You should pick Mary’s brain sometime; she knows all about math.

Two heads are better than one

My son, don’t forget; Two heads are better than one