10 sentences using article THE

10 sentences using article THE

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“Articles”, which helps us to define a noun as definite or indefinite in English, is one of the first things that people who start to learn this language should learn. It can be easily understood how simple it is if learned correctly. But even those who know advanced English can make mistakes in this grammar. Let’s start learning now.


If we give the apple example we gave for the use of “a” and “an” in “the”; If we are talking about an apple, we can mention that “a” or “an” will be used, but if we want a certain apple, the word “the” article should be used. Apart from this, the use of “the” does not mean a certain numerical value, unlike the words “a” and “an” article. For this reason, “the” can be used with both plural and singular nouns.

“the” is used at the beginning of words related to weather, nature, and time.

  • the World
  • the rain
  • the universe

“the” is used at the beginning of geographical names such as mountains, rivers, seas, islands, oceans.

“the” is not used at the beginning of countries and special names.

Here are 10 sentences using article THE

1.We won’t go to the theater.

2.I won’t go to the cemetery.

3.I will stay at home at the weekend.

4.I bought an orange from the market.

5.The chances are that he will win.

6.You will win the exam.

7.She will leave the hospital soon.

8.The country air will do you good.

9.The pain will eventually go away.

10.It will rain, I can understand it from the dark clouds.