10 Describing Words with Sentences

10 Describing Words with Sentences

Describing Words

In our daily life, we are in constant communication with the people around us. Sometimes when meeting someone new, we mutually introduce ourselves, sometimes we ask someone for directions or give directions to someone who asks for directions, sometimes we need to describe something to someone else that they have not seen or can’t remember before.

There are certain words that we use while making all these recipes. These words can vary according to what we are describing and the way we describe it. If we are describing a person and want to talk about his or her physical characteristics, for example, that person is blonde, “He has long, wavy and blond hair.” We can make a sentence like If we are going to talk about the characteristics of that person, “He is a very emotional and honest person.” We can make a sentence like If we are describing our house to someone, for example, “My house is on the second floor of the red building opposite the bank on Main Street.” we can say. Now let’s multiply these examples.


10 Describing Words with Sentences

1.She is a very beautiful girl.

2.My father bought a red car.

3.I am the person with the highest grade in the class.

4.My black hair is quite thick and long.

5.The father looks angry.

6.I have got a few friends so I will never be alone.

7.My mother is taller than my brother.

8.Mary is a hard-working person.

9.Let’s do something, we are very bored.

10.We need a clean table.